"Kim provides a compassionate, kind container in her spiritual work with clients. I felt held and loved in her presence. Kim conveys what is present with honesty and integrity. She is able to separate her personal "stuff" from what is moving through her via spirit. Kim has clearly done her own work and growth and this gives her both a great deal of strength, wisdom, and a tremendous amount of empathy. I have had other experiences with other transpersonal practitioners, but she is far and away the best. I can be quite a skeptical person, but I sincerely trust Kim and the work she does. I highly recommend her."

A Client and Licensed Psychologist, California

"Kimberly is a gifted listener and guide. Her approach to her work is empowering and caring. I have known Kimberly for several years and have worked with her in both academic and coaching environments. Her professionalism is consistent and her commitment to excellence shines through the work she provides both as an academic professional and Empowerment Coach."

K.F., California

"Kim's grounded, down-to-earth approach during our spiritual counseling session was both calming and supportive, helping me to better focus on my unique, deep-seated challenges that have followed me throughout my life. In only a half-hour, Kim was able to validate and clarify concerns I have had about my personal and professional development, and her warm-yet-direct style was encouraging without being intimidating. Following my reading, I was motivated by Kim's wisdom to begin working on myself in more focused, concrete ways. A brief session with Kim has already impacted my life in positive ways -- you can't ask for any better than that!"

A.N., California

"I have had several sessions with Kim and each time I've been really pleased. If confused or conflicted before a session, afterwards I understood better how various elements and people influenced me and a situation. I had much more clarity, and felt relieved and happier. Her sessions broadened my way of seeing things, and they really helped me. Kim is so accepting and easy to work with. She is a talented and skillful sensitive, and she exudes love."

S.B., California

"I have had the pleasure of having quite a few readings with Kim now and each one has been incredibly amazing.  My readings with Kim have opened my eyes in many ways and have helped guide me through some really tough times in my life.  Kim is incredibly gentle and kind and you can just feel the love from her.  My sister, my mom and myself have all had readings from Kim and thoroughly enjoyed each one.  I highly recommend her."

S.R.H., U.S.

"I have been working with Kim for over a year and she is an amazing Spiritual Life Coach! Each of her readings have been spot on and have helped guide me to make necessary positive life changes. Kim is a deeply kind, caring and compassionate person who is truly talented and gifted, I am blessed to be working with such a sweet soul."

M.R., Michigan

"I believe it was the summer of 2004 when I first encountered Kimberly. We were both attending the same workshop at Lily Dale, NY. It was basically an introduction to mediumship and we ended up working together. I was a curious engineer coming from a career of hard science and technology and Kim's intuitive talents were stunning from the get go. She is one of the reasons why I allowed myself to explore beyond my old cognitive boundaries. More importantly, when I met Kim, I realized I had the good fortune to encounter a naturally gifted spiritual guide and intuitive thinker. Kim, you give us hope that humanity is evolving. If everyone in the world could be more like you we would have true peace and progress now... "

R.K., Virginia

"Kimberly's depth of perception reaches well beyond learning and practice. Her intuition and ability to see through the veil of illusion are an inborn talent she has polished like a diamond. Working with Kimberly has been a life-altering experience. A session with this brilliant soul left me both feeling firmly anchored in my essence and soaring with the stars. I will always be grateful for her coming into my life and look forward to many more opportunities to work together."

E.Z., California

"With love...

When I first met Kim, a genuine concern beamed from her eyes. I was touched by her sincerity although she did not know me yet. During our work together, her modes of perception of psychological, emotional and spiritual realities, revealed a direct and crystalline intuition that is attuned to the highest good. Surely Kim holds the gift of a powerful sense for guidance."

S.M., Lebanon