A Passionate Truth-Seeker and
Life Empowerment Guide

I have great purpose and plan to fulfill all that I have come here to do!

​Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I have always lived with strong intuitive ability and being able to communicate through all of my senses and experience the after-life.   


As a child, I was extremely fearful and full of anxiety as I did not understand or know how to work with my abilities.  I often felt alone, scared, and misunderstood. As I grew up, I began to educate myself not only academically, but also on a deeper spiritual level, diving into an inner exploration of myself.  All of these experiences have brought great meaning, understanding, love, healing, and compassion into my life, as well as to family, friends, and other acquaintances throughout the globe.

I feel that the balance of my spiritual aspects has also been grounded in a strong academic and professional background. Initially, I obtained two Bachelor's Degrees from Michigan State University in Psychology and Criminal Justice.  I had the goal of becoming an undercover FBI Agent and worked diligently towards that vision.  I would find later in my mature life this was not my path.  I also could not hide "behind the scenes" with my abilities.


I attended the University of Michigan and obtained my Masters Degree in Public Administration. Then, in 2012, I graduated with my Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology.  I have always enjoyed being a part of an academic setting. Transpersonal Psychology bridged that part of me as a whole being by connecting my ethereal aspects to what can be seen, researched, and validated.

My employment history reflects years of working in the public sector with children and their families in juvenile justice in Detroit, Michigan, to corporate positions, and within academia.  Many jobs filled my resume since I was 15 years old.  Volunteering for children's charities, Habitat for Humanity, food banks, and helping to feed our people has always been in my heart. I have been determined, independent, motivated, and an explorer!

Currently, with the love in my heart, I help to care for my mother.  My soul finds replenishment in nature, meditation, with family and friends, and following my inner guidance.  Times get tough, but I have always seen the inner light and feel my strength and great tenacity to keep pursuing my passion of working with all of you and the call of my bursting entrepreneurial heart.  We all have purpose and meaning!