Grand Rapids, MI, USA


Soul Diving with Kimberly Jeska, Ph.D.

Unveil Your Life Path

Explore Your Spiritual Abilities
Discover Your Truth


Spiritual Guidance

Develop Awareness & Connection with Your Soul

Perhaps you have been through a life crisis, the passing of a loved one, or looking to hone, discover, and explore your spiritual abilities and experiences. You may be seeking authenticity in your relationships and within yourself. With Spiritual Guidance sessions, it truly is a conversation, a dialogue between you, myself, and your Spirit. Although this is not psychological counseling, we will delve into your inner truth and practice discernment of what is ego-talk from that of your Spirit. I will also share in my intuitive impressions and teach you how to listen to your own abilities and symbols that will help to unfold next steps and further evolution of your Spirit.

Life Coaching

Embrace Life's Challenges, Empower Thy Self!

As you live your life, you may feel a nudge to pursue career changes and opportunities, academic pursuits and progress, personal growth, explore issues around health and well-being, and relationships. This is where Life Coaching picks up for you. Our sessions will be individually designed and tailored by setting clear intentions and goals specifically for you. Next steps and progress will be highlighted. I look to empower you with tools, resources, and techniques to move forward and clear any blockages that appear to be holding you back.